76048 Hwy 322 Rockwood, MB
Phone: 204- 801-3489
Email: chelsea@diversityhorsemanship.com
What "Diversity" Horsemanship is all about:

SPECIFIC GOAL SETTING- Helping all types of riders, from various backgrounds, levels of experience, and disciplines, of all ages, and all abilities, to enjoy horses safely and to be able to learn the fundamentals of correct horsemanship at a pace that is right for them. To provide oppurtunities for various interests- english, western, bareback- riders who wish to get into showing, riders who wish to conquer a fear horses, riders who want challenge and thrills of jumping, or riders who want to be able to sit in rythym with their horse on a quiet trail ride.

CARING FOR THE INDIVIDUAL'S NEEDS- To really listen, understand, and care about individual's goals in riding and horsemanship, and to have the background and experience to offer a wide range of exercises, activities, programs, and techniques to find the right one for each individual horse and rider, in each unique situation.

SAFETY- Having the certification, along with years of experience with a wide variety of riders and horses, to keep riders and horses safe, progressing forward, and building their confidence, and knowing how to encourage and challenge riders in a way that is right for them.

EDUCATION- Being able to clearly communicate to a variety of learners so that everyone can take away the skills and knowledge they need from the lessons, and can learn what they wish to learn. Sharing a wealth of knowledge in this broad area.

VARIETY OF OPPORTUNITIES- Well trained horses, and experienced instructor together provide a variety of options for riding lessons and cross-training. Different disciplines for riders and horses include: Pleasure, Equitation, Hunter, Jumper, Reining, Dressage, Trail, Bareback, Games, Obstacles, Fun Shows, Groundwork, Classroom Theory, Round Pen Training, Lunging, etc- are all options for riders to explore. SPECIAL CLASSES FOR NEW RIDERS WHO ASPIRE TO OWN THEIR OWN HORSE.

HOLISTIC/ (APPROACH TOWARDS THE "WHOLE")- Training riders and horses considering the diverse array of factors affecting their psychologies, physiologies, environments, instincts, histories, physical capabilities, situational factors, and moods.

LIFE- LONG LEARNING- THE STUDENT IS TEACHER TOO! Being open minded and astute- learning from every student and horse, always looking for opportunities to take more education/ training, and sharing this knowledge passionately with others. Putting in the extra effort- really caring - that each and every rider leave the lesson with a feeling of accomplishment.