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Leasing a horse is a great way to get a taste of horse ownership without making all the financial committments, and it can be done for much shorter periods. Many people try leasing a horse to prepare for eventually purchasing a horse of their own. At Diversity Horsemanship, while leasing a horse, you have access to help when you need it, have experience people to ask questions, when questions arise, and you have access to help that would not be as readily accessible as it would if you were at home with their new horse.

Some students also lease horses just to get extra hours in of riding practise time outside of lessons, or because they want to have free time to bond with horses- doing extra grooming and bathing, or taking the time to graze their horse and hang out with them. It is also a fabulous way to get in extra practice before upcoming shows.

For safety reasons, only regular lesson students are allowed leasing priviledges, and only students who are approved by Diversity Horsemanship(riding or written tests may be used to establish suitability). Students can take lessons in groundwork or take the Horse Handling Safety and Ground Skills Course to qualitfy for leasing, and must have reached a certain level of competency in their riding. Leasers who are under 18 must ride during lesson times or when staff are working other horses, in some cases they may have another adult present while they are riding. Adults leasers may come at other times, but follow leasing rules. If riders come when Chelsea is around she is always happy to help and coach the riders for no extra charge if they require assistance, extra help is a perk of the leasing program. Leasers may ride during lessons and can also pick up some information that way as well.

One month lease costs: $241.50 - riders must take a weekly lesson in order to lease, it can be private, semi or group

Lease by the week is $96.60
2 weeks: $142