76048 Hwy 322 Rockwood, MB
Phone: 204- 801-3489
Email: chelsea@diversityhorsemanship.com
A variety of riding lesson options are available for you or your children. If you are between the ages of 8 and 80, Chelsea has programs suited to your needs. You will build your confidence, feel safe, and notice improvements in your skill with Diversity Horsemanship's calm, well trained lesson horses- or bring your own horse and improve your partnership. Enjoy all weather facilities to learn and enjoy riding all year round. Choose private, semi private or group lessons, english, jumping focused, western, reining focused, or bareback. Learn skills to enjoy recreational riding as a beginner, learn skills on the ground to help you better understand, handle, and safely care for your horse as a beginner, or whip yourself into better shape as an advanced rider to up your game in the show ring with one of Chelsea's bootcamps! No matter what your riding goals are, you will feel excited about your progress and very good about yourself after each class. Chelsea puts forth years of experience and teaching skill, enthusiasm, and encouragement into every lesson to ensure that you walk away from the lesson with a feeling of accomplishment.
-Private lessons- one on one with the instructor- very conducive to tailoring the lesson to the rider's goals and needs. May be one hour, or one and a a half hours. The rider chooses if they want to do only riding or a mix of riding and ground horsemanship (Working safely on the ground around the horse, tying, grooming, saddling, catching, etc).
-Semi privates - 2 riders, can do an hour or hour and a half, with same options for riding and/or groundwork as above.
-Groups- 3 or more riders, hour or hour and a half classes, same options as above.
Email Chelsea@diversityhorsemanship.com or call 801-3489 and begin your riding journey today!