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Learning about all the other aspects of horse care- aside from riding- is essential to becoming a well-rounded horseperson or a responsible owner. To have this knowledge will increase the well- being of the horse as well as the safety and efficacy of the rider.

All theory courses use material from Equine Canada, CHA, and from The University of Manitoba Equine Management and Production courses. Each course will be divided into age groups done on different days : Ages 14 and under, and 14 and over are done seperately.

EDUCATED EQUESTRIAN SERIES- A fun, informative, hands on series to help you learn what your horse wants you to know!

Courses can be held 8:30 am til 4:30 pm during the summer, or on weekends in the winter. Specific groups may ask about shorter evening classes

TECHNICAL EQUINE COURSE includes the following topics:
Horse health/illness/lameness;equine injury and first aid; detailed hoof care; anatomy and conformation; leg bandaging and boots; nutrition/ feeding practises; tack- fit, function, and care; teeth and aging; health checks/ stable management

GENERAL EQUINE KNOWLEGE SESSION includes the following topics:
Horse psychology, senses, instincts, behaviour- and human safety; herd dynamics; gait and movement; horseman's terminology; breeds/ types of horse- how to select one for you; equine sports and disciplines- what options are out there; handling the horse for respect on the ground- how your body "speaks" to the horse.

Dress for the weather (you will be active in the barn and sometimes outdoors), bring a lunch/ drink (some snacks and drinks provided) and bring a clipboard and pen.