We have limited spaces for training horses, and priority is given to boarders and lesson students.

We love to help horses move their best, and we excel at evening out lateral asymmetries through straightness training, teaching horses body control and lateral movements, and improving responsiveness.

We also enjoy teaching horses neck reining, lead changes, reining show prep, and dressage up to 3rd level.

We are consistent in our leadership in all interactions with every horse we handle, creating well- mannered, relaxed horses.

We are educated in proper equine fitness conditioning protocols, and exercise selection to bring your horse along in a gradual progression to promote soundness, and to maximize their performance.  We are big advocates of cross training, with different terrain, poles, varied exercises, low jumps, different disciplines, ground work, unstable surfaces, core strenghtening exercises, etc. to help reduce repetitive strain on the horses, and to help prevent mental burn-out in the horses.

Send us an email inquiry if you would like your horse to be considered in our training program.

"Unlocking Horse's and Rider's Possibilities"