Riding Lesson Information

  • We love helping riders who love to learn, and who want to become better riders for the sake of their horses!

  • If you are motivated to become the best rider and horseman that you can be, and ready to put in the time and work, we've got the programs you need!

  • You will learn in detail about how you impact your horse, and how to ride in a way that helps the horse stay healthier, and more responsive. We love to teach you about why you are doing what you are doing, to produce effective, thinking riders. We have  strong dressage based and reining programs and offer athlete development and show coaching as well.

  • We believe strongly in riders improving themselves off the horse to become more balanced, body aware, co-ordinated, and improve their sport specific strength and flexibility in order to ride better. We don't only make the horses stronger, more co-ordinated, and more supple- we help the riders improve in those areas too!


  • We welcome all riders with their own horses who want to work on horsemanship. Although we produce top notch lesson horses, we have recently down sized our herd and can only accomodate a few light weight riders on these lesson horses as they are semi- retired.


-Private lessons- one on one with the instructor- very conducive to tailoring the lesson to the rider's goals and needs. May be one hour, or 30 minutes. The rider chooses if they want to do riding or a mix of riding and ground horsemanship.

-Semi private lessons - 2 riders, one hour, with same options for riding and/or groundwork as above.

-Groups- 3 or more riders, hour or hour and a half classes, same options as above.

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